Forgeries or Not Forgeries

I haven’t said much about the Killian memos and won’t be saying much more. Primarily because I don’t think it makes much difference whether the memos are real or fake.
The only reason that even mention them now is this Matthew Yglesias post:

Assuming they are forgeries, we can conclude the following:
  • George W. Bush pulled strings to avoid combat service in Vietnam by entering the Texas Air National Guard, failed to complete his service in a rigorous manner and has lied about it repeatedly for years.

  • CBS News, like the United States of America, is run by some kind of idiots.

  • Other Texans, less fortunate than Dubya, died so that he could avoid service in a war he supported.
If they are real, remove the middle item regarding CBS News. The rest remain the same.
Update (9/14): Drudge reports that Killian’s secretary says:
I typed memos that had this information in them, but I did not type these memos.
If this holds up, then see all three points above.