All Those Feeds

Apparently there are big debates going on about news feeds (RSS, etc)over on the techie side of the ‘sphere.
So here is 2 more cents worth:

  1. I don’t mind feeds that abbreviate an article. If I’m not interested after the first several sentences I don’t read the rest anyway and I’m perfectly happy to click once to bring down the rest of the article.

  2. I want folks to know I’m reading their material. Both personal aggregators and public aggregators should provide a way for us to show a preferred site as a referrer. Thus, if I’m downloading a page via Thunderbird, Firefox, Bloglines, etc., I’d like Modulator to show as the referring site.
I should note that I still prefer going to the original site to read material. It doesn’t seem to take any longer to open 10-15 sites in new tabs then it does to click on the individual feeds in one of my aggregators.