Daily Archives: September 16, 2004

Shining a Light on CBS and Fox

Well, it is always better that congress spends time and resources on hearings rather than making sound bites about and voting on legislation though both hearings and legislation are wastes of citizens resources.
Yet, I suppose, Hugh Hewitt’s proposal for congressional hearings concerning Fox News would be entertaining:

Hearings now, immediately, would signal broadcasters and news executives everywhere that partisan maneuverings under the guise of news gathering–especially those that occur late in an election season–would be subject to close Congressional scrutiny.
And, as he says, the First Amendment will forstall “Sanctions against rotten, agenda-driven journalism…”
Apparently, right and left wing talk radio including folks like Rush, Medved, and Savage are not news gatherers or I’d expect Hewitt to include them in his hearings as well. And, if these folks are not news gatherers shouldn’t they exhibit some truth in labeling? You know, non-ficton or pulp fiction, or, maybe, fantasy?
Whoops, Hewitt was talking about hearings on the CBS memo screw up.
If much less power were vested in the executive, legislative and, yes, the judicial branches of US government this issue would be a drop of rain in the ocean. It is long past time to start slicing back.
Update: I see that Walter was tackling this Hewitt hearing idea yesterday and the day before.
Update (9/17): Rick Peitz notes in the comments that Rush does “…does occassionally specify that his program is for entertainment purposes..”

All Those Feeds

Apparently there are big debates going on about news feeds (RSS, etc)over on the techie side of the ‘sphere.
So here is 2 more cents worth:

  1. I don’t mind feeds that abbreviate an article. If I’m not interested after the first several sentences I don’t read the rest anyway and I’m perfectly happy to click once to bring down the rest of the article.

  2. I want folks to know I’m reading their material. Both personal aggregators and public aggregators should provide a way for us to show a preferred site as a referrer. Thus, if I’m downloading a page via Thunderbird, Firefox, Bloglines, etc., I’d like Modulator to show as the referring site.
I should note that I still prefer going to the original site to read material. It doesn’t seem to take any longer to open 10-15 sites in new tabs then it does to click on the individual feeds in one of my aggregators.