Daily Archives: October 25, 2004


For the uninitiated GLAT stands for Google Labs Aptitude Test. Its been around for a while. Google appears to have posted this 4 page version back in September.
so why bring it up now. Well, a printed version is popping up on college campuses around the country right now. There are likely stacks of them in your local campus geek center or perhaps they were inserts in the campus newspaper today which is how I discovered them.
It is pretty entertaining to read the questions. Things like:

9. This space left intentionally blank. Please fill it with something that improves upon emptiness.
This one has the most room for an answer:
5. What’s broken with Unix? How would you fix it?
Some are multiple choice:
6. On your first day at Google, you discover that your cubicle mate wrote the textbook you used as a primary resource in your first year of graduate school. Do you:
Well, you can go read the choices yourself.