Daily Archives: November 2, 2004


I voted in the US election via absentee ballot over a week ago and have been delightedly ignoring all the campaign BS ever since.
I have encouraged many others to vote however I do not fault some of the non-voters. The past several days have produced a challenging debate between voting and non-voting libertarians at Catallarchy. No matter your current leaning, today is a good day to read through and deliberate about the points raised in this discussion.
My take: even with all the faults of the current system your votes can make some small positive difference for the immediate future. I fully expect whoever wins to provide ample material for sharp discussion and dark humor.
This periodic voting is, though, a relatively small part of the ongoing discussion. Real long term change requires that discussion leads to regular action not simply a yes or no, him or her, every two or four years. Let’s start looking for actions that can be done daily, weekly, monthly to move us toward a free and peaceful world.