Daily Archives: November 6, 2004

The Majority of Americans

Did not vote.
Let me repeat: the majority of Americans did not vote in the November 2 election.
As of Friday evening (11/5) bush has tallied 59,651,891 votes. This is not a majority of Americans.
Approximately 20.2% of the US population voted for bush.
Approximately 22.0% of US citizens voted for bush.
Approximately 29.4% of US citizens eligible to vote voted for bush.
And, yes, a slightly smaller % in each category voted for kerry.
When you read or hear someone stating that a majority voted for bush remember to put it in perspective. And, if they don’t clearly qualify what they are saying, specifically that it was a majority of those who voted, you just might want to question the rest of what they are saying as well.
NB: The above calculations based on US Census Bureau data from 2002, 2003 and the estimated November 2004 US population.