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I had an unfortunate accident last night. On the way home from work, I was, as usual, scanning through the radio stations trying to avoid commercials and find scraps of good listening material.
Just a few minutes from home the station scan found O’reilly saying come back after the break to hear my interview with a scientist about intelligent design. It hooked me. Damn.
PZ Meyers accurately describes the person I was listening to:

I have never, in my entire 12 year career as a college instructor, ever had a student as stupid, as dense, as arrogant, as oblivious, as Bill O�Reilly. I have never had a conversation with a lay person about science that was as grossly wrong as this eructation of ignorance out of the mouth of Bill O�Reilly. And this man is a highly paid commentator on a nationally broadcast and popular program?
I am really impressed with Dr Michael Grant, though. He actually managed to sit through that and make civil and competent responses. I would have been shocked into silence, or would have simply left the room as soon as he said, �there are four seasons. That�s science.�

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  • elvisload

    I’m a Republican, athiest, I think O’reilly is a fool, I believe in abortion, don’t give 2 shits if gays marry or not, and I’m a Republican. Do you, as a Democrat, believe a word that comes outta that fat fuck Michael Moore’s mouth? You might, but I doubt that you do. So what’s the point in not watching Fox News? What’s the point in implying every Republican is O’Reillyesque? It’s simply not factual. I bet there are more Republicans like me than there are who fit the image you carry around in your head. And the same is true of Democrats. I’m sure there are millions of god fearing, right to life, gay hating Democrats out there. There’s just no point in drawing cartoon characterizations of either. It’s inaccurate and frankly, small minded…. sorry.

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