Sunday Wierdness 4 comments

Why are these people crying while eating? For that matter why has someone posted this stuff? But, then, perhaps by posting this I answer my own question.
Along with Steeph I can’t make anything out of it. But, I was able to get through 1.5 of the videos. How many can you tolerate?

Update 5/25:
Thanks to S. Y. Affolee for the comment with the answers. This is all part of a marketing project. There is a cash prize for the winner.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Wierdness

  • Kim

    Er. Eh?
    I made it through about 1.5, too. I don’t really get it. And the crying didn’t seem real. Is this real? Or acting?

  • sya

    Of course it isn’t real. It’s part of that Contagious Media thing as lck posted. The whole point of all these silly sites popping up now is to see who can get the most hits/referrals.

  • Ro Naldo

    The contagious media contest has been going on for some time now. My posse and I have our own entry, a video of our latest cut, a track about romancing everyone’s favorite fast food. And yes, it’s totally real, so don’t hate on it. Check it if you want, but I should warn you, it’s pretty hot stuff. Might want to check it out away from the office. lovin’ it

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