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I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced accessing Modulator on Monday 5/30. The server Modulator is hosted on begain failing at about 21:40 GMT and service was not restored until sometime around 07:00 GMT on 5/31.
Puzzling to me is that Sitemeter shows a fair amount of activity during the problem period. Heck, I couldn’t get in how could all those folks….?

2 thoughts on “Hosting Problems

  • zombyboy

    Good question. I couldn’t get in to see you. I tried emailing you to ask what was happening, but either I got the email wrong or the server problems made the note bounce back to me.
    Whatever. Glad you’re back.

  • Steve

    The Popserver for Modulator email is housed on the same server so mail was dead as well.
    That Gmail account you gifted me with last summer did come in handy for talking to the helpdesk.

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