Monthly Archives: June 2005

What To Do When…

….you die.
Well, most folks get stowed away 6 feet under in a box. Some visit an oven and end up blowing in the wind, sitting on a mantle or perhaps stashed in the closet. I haven’t thought about this often and when I have the right thing always seemed to be to get buried without the box…a return to the earth kind of thing.
There is another option which is worth giving some thought to:

It’s one of the most personal choices someone can make — deciding to give one’s body to medical science. As part of a series on the end of life and the gift of teaching, NPR’s Melissa Block talks to people who have have offered to become body donors.

Yes, take the organ donor idea one step further and donate your entire body. You can still do the ash, box or return to the earth thing when you are done teaching.
Something to think about and to incorporate into your living will (hmmm,…I’d better get one of those done!)