4 thoughts on “A Bit of Magic A Dose of Morality

  • Bryan

    Aha, another addict.
    Yes, I to re-read the series before reading the current installment. It is an alternate world and it helps to re-immerse yourself into that world before you extend it.
    Like the best of “juvenile” fiction, there are layers that can be appreciated by various audiences. The surface layer is a good story, but beneath that are puns for comic relief, and then the core morality tale.

  • zombyboy

    Actually, I’m sort of glad that it’s shorter than the last one–she was in danger of making the whole series a little unwieldy if she had kept that growth trend up.
    Good books, pretty well written, very imaginative, and yet I still prefer CS Lewis with his Narnia and Perelandra books.
    But that’s just me.

  • Steve

    I’ve always thought the Narnia books were too short! I don’t like a good thing to end and I’ve always enjoyed some of the particularly long winded novelists: Dickens, Grass, Dostoyevsky, Mann, Tolstoy, Wolfe,Stephensen, etc…..to name a few.

  • zombyboy

    I love the brevity. Sketch a picture and let my mind make a painting from the words. That isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy a long book if it’s a worthwhile read, just that it’s harder for me to fiind authors that are compelling who write long.

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