Best 100 English-Language Novels Since 1923 1 comment

Two Time Magazine critics give us their list of the best 100 English-language novels since 1923.
I’m somewhat surprised that I’ve read only 51 of them. Certainly this list will be getting the usual treatment of “this one doesn’t belong but this one does” and, of course, the meme list where we can all mark the one’s we have read. Heck, if I had the cycles I’d build the list for you….I don’t. I will, though, do it when it makes its inevitable rounds just as I will do this one later today.
Via Kidney Notes.

One thought on “Best 100 English-Language Novels Since 1923

  • sya

    Blah. I’ve stopped paying attention to those lists. Invariably, most of it is given up to canonical literature, i.e. stuff that English teachers make high school students read.

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