Can Cities Be Literate? 1 comment

Naw, I didn’t think so. But, within cities there are sets of resources available that can enhance the literacy of the residents. Some folks at Central Connecticut University evaluated US cities based on a set of these resources:

This study attempts to capture one critical index of our nation’s social health—the literacy of its major cities (population of 250,000 and above). Previous versions of this study focused on five important indicators of literacy: newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, library resources, periodical publishing resources, and educational attainment. The 2005 study introduces a new factor—Internet resources—to better gauge the expansion of literacy to online media.

Seattle and Minneapolis are 1 & 2. The overall rankings are here.
Via beSpacific.

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  • Donna

    Somehow I’m not surprised about the ratings for Dallas and Houston. Remember, we’re one of the fattest states in the union. We’re at the local McDonald’s, not at the local library.

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