Daily Archives: February 16, 2006

Thieves Steal A Record Amount In Washington

Well, that’s Washington State not DC where there are undoubtably also record amounts being stolen.
In Washington State thieves and thugs stole a record $270 million dollars of one crop in 2005. The sad thing is that they are not being brought to justice:

The 135,323 marijuana plants seized in 2005 were estimated to be worth $270 million — a record amount that places the crop among the state’s top 10 agricultural commodities, based on the most recent statistics available.
And like any agricultural product, marijuana is very much a commodity, Lt. Rich Wiley, who heads the Washington State Patrol narcotics program, said Wednesday.
“We’re struck by the amount of work they put into it,” Wiley said. “It’s very labor-intensive. They often run individual drip lines to each plant and are out there fertilizing them. It takes a tremendous amount of work.”
But the results are worth the effort, said Wiley, who coordinates pot busts with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and local law enforcement agencies. A single plant can produce as much as a pound of processed marijuana, worth about $2,000, he said.

If the current elected governments will not protect our right as free human beings to engage in voluntary exchange with other free human beings then it is time to put in place institutions that will.