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At least part of this is happening correctly (Reg):

A Florida sheriff ordered the closing of a boot camp for young offenders Wednesday as the investigation into the death of a 14-year-old detainee widened and critics demanded all such facilities in the state be shut down.
In early January, Martin Lee Anderson died after an altercation with guards at the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Boot Camp in Panama City, in the Panhandle. A surveillance camera videotape, made public last week, shows the guards dragging the limp boy around the grounds, kneeing and striking him several times.
Camp officials said Anderson, who had just arrived, was uncooperative when ordered to do push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises. He died the next day in a Pensacola hospital.

But more is needed. As I previously argued that sheriff and everyone else up hill from this thuggery need to be fired and have heavy restitution to pay.

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  • Bryan

    This is the results of the cronies that Jeb Bush has hired to run operations in the State of Florida. He is no better at picking people than his brother, and way too many of his appointees have had to leave just before the Republican Attorney General was pushed to the point of having to do something.
    Bush’s head of Corrections was responsible for setting up the Boot camps and the “faith-based” prisons. He just resigned because of his failures.
    The Sheriff is elected, so you have to wait until he is up for election to do anything about him.

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