Of Dell and Dopes

I apologize in advance if you saw this absolutely hilarious and ever so been there, done that take down of Dell Tech Support last week in the NYT. I missed it, just read it and must share:

Preparatory Work
So it has happened: you have fired up your Dell PC, and – nothing. Or the dreaded “cannot find boot drive” or something like that. Now you are forced into the unenviable position of having to call Dell Off-shore Hardware Support. Look at it as a journey, one on which you will be tested, much like Job or Arthur Dent. You will descend into the ninth circle, but with the proper preparation, tools and attitude, you will return, a better person for it.

Enjoy the rest!

If you are a Dell owner who ever had a problem you’ve probably talked to a DOPE. Remember, if they had not been absorbed by Dell they would probably be quite nice, intelligent and helpful folks.