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Due to the recent ultra heavy runs of comment spam I’ve turned on moderation of all comments. It has been too much hassle deleting comments that the sorely lacking spam tools built into MT 3.2 fail to junk. Compounding the problem are the many Internal Server Errors that started occurring a few weeks ago (I had not made any changes to my MT installation).

If I can get something like Scode working I’ll consider turning moderation off. I’ll also take another look at migrating to WordPress….when time permits.

3 thoughts on “Moderation On

  • Scott

    I’ve been finding spam on WordPress that somehow gets through moderation — not sure how it’s happening, but it is.
    Still, I’m enjoying WordPress much more than MT.

  • Steve

    At the risk of being premature some immediate good news. It looks like turning moderation on has broken the 30/40 an hour stream of spam messages that I’ve been dealing with for the last 3-4 days.

  • Laura Gjovaag

    I turned on moderation to deal with spam, then left it on when I realized it meant I wouldn’t miss any comments people left me. Of course, I hardly get any traffic, so moderating comments isn’t much of a job for me.

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