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Balko explains:

As for Hillary, I was puzzled by all the people who said in 2004 that they couldn’t cast the divided government vote for John Kerry because they too feared a Hillary Clinton presidency. I wrote at the time that if anything, a second Bush term would make a Hillary presidency more likely, not less, because by the time Bush had served two terms, conservatives and limited government advocates would be dispirited, the left would be hungry and motivated, and everyone in the middle would have Republicans-in-power fatigue. It’s really just about the only scenario under which Hillary could wriggle her way into the White House.
And it’s about to happen.

I can’t imagine that hillary could be a worse president than w but apparently many in the bush base fear a hillary presidency.
That folks of any ilk fear tweedle dee or tweedle dum in the white house shows that we, the people, have let things get far out of hand. Governments at all levels and in all parts of the world need to be eliminated or pared back to the most basic functions.

Heck, when we are done properly paring them back there really shouldn’t be anything left that resembles the monstrosities currently trampling folks.

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  • KipEsquire

    Hillary has a perpetual 40% “strongly disapprove” rating. And that will only get worse as she moves to the center and alienates the Angry Left, with no corresponding pick-up from the center.
    Stated differently, moderates will not vote for Hillary merely in the hope of achieving “gridlock” or to cast a post facto vote of no confidence in George W. Bush. Balko’s thesis is hopelessly simplistic.
    There is no ovious scenario where Hillary is electable (except maybe if Cheney were somehow to run).

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