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Let’s suppose for a moment that the house and senate pass and send to the president for signature immigration legislation that contains these english language requirements:

The White House said the president agrees with two amendments that senators tacked onto the immigration bill, adding that both are “consistent with” Bush’s views. It added that Bush believes the command of English is the best route to assimilation for immigrants.
On Thursday, the Senate passed a Republican measure that would make English the national language. Moments later, it approved a Democrat-led amendment declaring English a “common and unifying language.”
It passed the two amendments to add to the comprehensive immigration bill it’s expected to take to the House next week.
Oklahoma Republican Jim Inhofe, who supports “national” but not “common and unifying,” complained that his colleagues were trying to “have it both ways.”
The bill already requires illegal immigrants to learn English as a condition of earning legal permanent residency, a step toward citizenship.

We can expect that the decider will add the following signing statement:

The president can exclude himself from the english language requirements particularly when talking about suiciders.

Perhaps we can make speaking english a requirement for national office.

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  • Aloysius Katz

    Excellent idea, making speaking English a requirement for national office. I’m a cat, and I speak better English than W. Hey, that gives me an idea: maybe I should run for President.

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