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Crass Quote Of The Day: Making Housing Affordable

From a federal reserve economist:

Firefighters who want to live in high-priced cities can work two jobs, said W. Michael Cox, chief economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. “I think it’s great,” he said. “It gives you portfolio diversification in your income.”

If the grammar wasn’t so good you might think he was from Crawford instead of Dallas.
That firefighter’s family probably already has three jobs: the firefighters, domestic engineer and the out of house job the other partner has. And this guy wants them to go for a fourth?
A much better response on the firefighter’s part will be to choose a city to work in that pays them enough to live there. Of course, this might mean that some cities will go without firefighters until they pay them enough to live in the million dollar + condos that seem to be the dominant form of new housing sprouting up in the big cities.
Perhaps the congress critters and other legislative bodies need to get out of the marriage definition business and realize that in the future it will take 3, 4 or more adults in a family to both earn an adequate income and properly care for the family’s children or that it might take 2 or more families living in a house or apartment to make it affordable.
Via Kevin Drum who notes the euphemism here:

“portfolio diversification in your income.”…means working two jobs because housing costs are too high. Brilliant.

Yea, I still think Cox might be from Crawford.

How Much Fun Can You Have?

In yesterday’s Seattle Times always entertaining columnist Ron Judd answers questions from readers and departs just a bit into serious business:

Q: I’m 12 and have lived in this state all my life. So far, my mom has never seen fit to take me to a county fair. I think she assumes I would be bored or something. Is she right?
A: First off, send me your mom’s name and I’ll forward it to the proper authorities. There’s little excuse for this shameful behavior. What’s with your mom, anyway? She must be from Snohomish.
County fairs are as much fun as you can have in this country without having Congress enact special legislation to make it illegal, immoral, or both.

Give them time…

You can work to make them critters get real jobs!