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The past 10 days have been near a complete vacation from blogging, well, the Ark boarded a couple times but that was about it. Looking back, August has been our slowest month since September 05.

A lot of my blogging time over the past 6 months has been given over to learning to play Go and what that still nascent endeavor hasn’t consumed has been taken by work and family. Kind of like the rest of you, right?

There has been and, with the fall elections stumbling upon us, will continue to be plenty of grist for the mill.

The future will be told by the writing on the page.

3 thoughts on “Peering At Modulator’s Navel

  • Scott

    Yeah, my August was real light. Between serious time spent at work, I just haven’t had much inspiration for blogging.
    I’ll probably just write more about RRE… 😉

  • Donna

    Go is a great game. The Kid and I used to play it frequently when he was younger. He won’t play anything that isn’t digital these days. Boo hoo.
    Oh, and before I forget, I dropped my Typepad blog – Mona Lisa’s Secret. I’ve gone over to WordPress. It’s free, what can I say? Can you update your blogroll? Pretty please. I’m now at Somnambulist –
    I’ll be back to the Friday Ark soon.

  • the Robot Vegetable

    First time in years I noticed the August Dog Days of Summer. Last year I didn’t get eough traffic to notice; this year Middle-Fork dropped 100 to 200 sites day from July into August. School started up last week, I guess, because tings are back to July levels.
    Except… One of my photos has been hotlinked into a WAY POPULAR email list, which one, I haven’t a clue. But LOTS OF PEOPLE are looking at the Way Cute Baby. Ykes

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