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The first reason you are not president is that you probably are not…, well, read on:

To me, the desire to be President of the United States in itself means you’re a psychopath who should never be President of the United States. Unfortunately, of course, this desire is a job requirement.

A Funny Little Story About The Media, Jonathan Schwartz, 8/22/05

He goes on to note:

But the point is the powerhouse media and their politician lovemates truly do feel there are things normal, grubby Americans simply can’t handle. Moreover, it has nothing to do with political parties. Everything I’ve seen in my life confirms that, with few exceptions, they feel this way across the (extremely narrow) political spectrum.
If you’re not part of their little charmed circle, believe me, all your worst suspicions about them are true. They do think you’re stupid. They do lie to you. They do hate and fear you. Most importantly, they think you can’t be trusted with the things they know—because if you did know them, you’d go nuts and break America.

I don’t know as going nuts is the right phrase but it seems it might be wise to calmly and with determination reclaim our lives and our potential from the political parties and their bureaucratic lapdogs at every level of government

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  • mcewen

    All to true. But I suspect that the next president [if they have any sense at all, which we doubt] will be a hand selected female African American candidate. But what would I know about it, seeing as how I am merely a blow in.

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