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Olberman provides a shorter Olberman:

For, ultimately, at this hour, the entire government has failed us.

Unfortunately, Keith, it is not just at this hour.
These are for the most part the same pathetic folks who have been supporting the Iraq invasion from the beginning.
Betrayal, Keith. Nope, they are doing what governments, in particular the US government, do and seem to have always done: wage war. If not on others then on their own people.

It will never be too soon to say no to war; to say no to the thugs who would wage war.
Around the world, toss’m out!

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    May 23, 2007
    Why bother with elections? The people speak with their votes and Congress speak with their feet. Neither Congress nor the President give a s**t about the will of the people. They all run from their duty.
    1. The people want secure borders. Bush and the Congress give the people a “free pass” into the United States.
    2. The people want an increase in the minimum wage. Congress and Bush give them a new flood of illegals who take jobs below the present minimum wage.
    3. The people want to be out of Iraq. Bush and the Congress provide the funds for an open ended war.
    4. Does anyone out there speak for the people? Only the lobbyists.
    5. What do we do? We have faced this problem before. History, if you read it, will tell the people what to do. Empty the Congress and create a vacancy in the Executive. Shut down government as we know it.
    6. Why does Congress have to deliver any legislation to this President?
    7. Why does the President have to sign any legislation that the Congress delivers to him?
    8. The answer to 6 and 7 is that they don’t.
    Stalemate the country until our elected officials listen to us.
    Martin S. Friedlander, Esq.

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