Daily Archives: November 14, 2007

Eliminate Racist Drug Laws

Papa’s headline reads Congress Must Fix Racist Crack/Powder Disparity Laws

Criminal penalties for possession and sales of cocaine are severe. But the penalties for crack cocaine are much more severe, despite the fact that pharmacologically they are the same drug. If these suggested changes, take affect and are applied retroactively, it will do a lot to balance the scales of justice in reforming a bad law that has dished out unfair sentences to people convicted of crack cocaine offenses.

Within its context this is right. There is no excuse for the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine. In fact, any sentence related to the drug trade is unfair.
Fixing this bit of congressional stupidity does nothing though to fix the problem and relatively little to fix the racist aspects of the drug war.
The problem is the drug war itself. Our supposed public servants have no business in the prohibition business.
Remove the anti-drug laws now and receive a myriad of benefits including, inter alia, a rapid reduction in jail and prison population, substantially reduced law enforcement budgets, improved relations with drug producing countries and their people, dramatically reduced drug prices by eliminating the risk premium and an end to drug trade related violence. And, yes, it will eliminate the massive racial bias in drug law enforcement and sentencing that has existed for decades