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23 thoughts on “Friday Ark #168

  • sisu

    The shoe fits

    The L.L. Bean tygerboots are in — only four days from phone order to delivery! — but first things first. As soon as the boots were out of the box . . . Tiny moved in, turning the space into

  • Blog d'Elisson


    Cat, dog, roach or canary –
    Feathered, scaly, smooth, or hairy,
    Whether resident in desert or the dankest swamp,
    The Friday Ark is where all the fauna romp.

  • 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera

    Friday Creature

    Happy Friday! This is an alligator from somewhere, but I don’t remember the details. Quite the cutie, though, huh? Well, the whole Christmas season thing is kicking into high gear this weekend — the calendar is littered with parties! And…

  • Mind of Mog

    Too Hot

    One of the things I am to avoid is heating pads and the like. And naturally, one certain little one got up in my lap. After about half hour of Jezi sprawled across my lap it felt like my lap was burning up and I had to gently shove her off me. Doubt sh…

  • Why Now?

    Friday Cat Blogging

    Not Cute
    [Editor: In solidarity with the striking WGA members, Sox is not being cute, or impersonating a penguin.]
    Friday Ark

  • Music and Cats

    Feline Friday: Hello, Sashie!

    He’s sitting on the trunk by the window, talking to the birds. There are flocks of them today, so it’s quite a conversation. I walk up behind him, say, “Hello, Sashie.” He looks up; I snap this shot.
    You can talk to the animals…

  • CascadeExposures

    Toby Eyes Me Suspiciously

    And really, why wouldn’t he? There are weirdos walking around with cameras stuck to their faces! It pays to be careful! (He’s my neighbor’s cat by the way, I didn’t just bring home yet another critter…) (larger image) (larger image)

  • Susannah

    Oh! I promised to remember to get my entry in by Thursday. And here it is, Friday night. Sorry. Again. I’ll do better next week, I promise.
    Anyhow, my submission, in the Cats category this time, is In Which Grandma Weeta proves…”. Kitten and kid, “napping”.
    (It does include a human, but mostly entertaining the kitten.)

  • Watermark

    Silly Holiday Kitties

    Photo by Sue Pinkerton, totally messed with by SB For more kitties go here: The Carnival of the Cats at Carnival fthe Cats #193: Better Late Than Never Edition On Sunday, the new carnival will be at: Bad Kitty Cats Please note: The Carnival of the Cats…

  • Pharyngula

    Carnivalia and an open thread

    Cruise the web starting with these most excellent entry points. Carnival of the Godless #80 Friday Ark #168 Carnival of Education #148 Skeptics’ Circle #75 Revere’s Sunday Sermonette — there hasn’t been enough outrage at the unconstitutional vile…

  • iInfidel

    Snake In The Plants

    Here I am observing the garden snake. It spits out nice refreshing water. Me keep snake.
    Weekend brings other kittycats, lots:
    Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos at Life From A Cat’s Perspective Optional Theme – Toys Or Boxes
    Carnival of the Cats …

  • iMeowza


    Cece comes around just about every day. We are usually together and Izzy joins us on occasion although he might state otherwise. He can be difficult but usually only with Bazel. And Jezi. Izzy difficult not Cece. Cece’s a very good cat. Friendly,…

  • Musings of a Mad Macedonian

    Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat

    Hello there! Except for the last 2 days, the sun has spent a week shining thru the window tempting me to spend all my time working on my, um, wait, I can’t get a tan since my fur is in

  • Mind of Mog

    Blogging Will Be Light Yesterday And Today

    Cause I was doing the party thing and as a result maybe or just coincidence, I didn’t get much sleep last night and it’s taking it’s toll. I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. Before I do, must have cat pic. Who’s been good…

  • Bad Kitty Cats Journal

    Carnival of the Cats 194 Seasonal Flu Edition

    May I have your attention please? I, Zed Monster, have had a mighty time getting my human to remain at the computer long enough to finish my graphics and post what I, Zed Monster, tell her. She may have to be fired from this position, but since she…

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