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We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and….?

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  • The Backyard Arthropod Project: Snow Fly

Other Vertebrates

In Memoriam

Didn’t Make It

  • The Daily Kos: Marine Life Series – Megalodon boarded 1/28

Exceptions (inclusion not guaranteed)

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24 thoughts on “Friday Ark #175

  • sisu

    “Having no vase, she improvised”

    Watch the birdie, the pioneering portrait photographer’s old standby to get the subject to look alert, works like a charm with Baby, whose focussed stare above is effortlessly induced by our dangling the camera’s strap just off camera.If all we

  • Blog d'Elisson


    The cats and dogs and other beasts
    All queue up for the trip.
    They walk upon the gangplank
    That takes them to the ship.
    The anchor’s weighed, the sails are set,
    The cargo is well-stowed,
    As Captain Steve casts off and gets
    The Show upon the Ro…

  • 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera

    Friday Creature

    I haven’t been taking very many photos at all lately, so I’m afraid until the weather gets warmer and less dreary, you’ll be seeing lots of creatures from the aquarium. This one is from my December visit, and I searched…

  • Mind of Mog

    Bloody Good Show

    Jill took me to the movies as a belated Christmas present as Christmas itself was marred by the car accident taking front and center. I hadn’t read that much about the movie, Sweeny Todd, beforehand so as not to spoil the plot but if spoilers are…

  • Mind of Mog

    Staying Out

    Cece. I’m getting better at this. He stayed out all yesterday. Cat food for my cats only. I am sooooo heartless, yes I am.
    “She won’t let me in.” *sob*
    Good kittycats at: BKCFoC CotC ARK WCB

  • Athenamama

    A New Camera For the Angel and Jackie Webcam

    One of my favorite Christmas presents each year is the Amazon dot com gift certificate that my brother sends me. I love few things as much as online shopping, especially when I don’t have to pay for it, so I…

  • Watermark

    Save These Cats’ Jobs!

    If you think that only humans are suffering from the current economic woes, think again. Boo and Spike have been out of work for months. They are free- lancers, they get paid on commission. If no one asks for their assistance, they don’t have any colum…

  • Why Now?

    Friday Cat Blogging

    Photo Tip
    [Editor: When taking a picture of a cat, like young Property, it is generally a good idea not to let the wrist strap dangle where they can see it. Well, they can’t see much after the flash goes off, and they don’t hang…

  • What Do I Know?

    Friday Cow Blogging

    Overheard in the pasture: Dogs are weird. Why do they roll in our shit? Same reason humans spread it on their crops. It’s a valuable commodity. Moo. No wonder the markets tanked this week.

  • Music and Cats

    Feline Friday: Golden glow

    As Seattle continues to have unseasonably sunny weather, the McKittens have enjoyed more than the usual quotient of sleeping in the sun. While sunshine provides Miss Lyra with a silver lining (a bit of which is visible at the top of this photo), it pa…

  • Pharyngula

    Carnivalia and an open thread

    Hey! Carnivals! Accretionary Wedge #5. Rocks? How can they possibly find enough to write about rocks? Carnival of Space #38. Space? Even worse. It’s mostly nothing! I and the Bird #67. Birds? They’ve been at this for 67 weeks and…

  • Mind of Mog

    Caturday Thursday Thirteen

    Since he’s always around here’s a few facts about Cece, some of which I learned only yesterday.
    1. He prefers being outside. Wonder if it has to do with all the dogs inside.
    2. However, he likes it inside my house just fine.
    3. He likes the…

  • iInfidel

    Pest Kitty

    Neighbor cat came over, I growled at him to no avail. He just ignored me. Not only that, he took my spot. The garden is infested. Soooo I took another shady spot under this bush. Far enough away from him that I don’t have to see him.
    There be s…

  • Mind of Mog

    Gloomy Day

    Woke up to gloom and doom. Let the kitties in, well Bazel anyway. No sign of the others. No sign of Cece. Maybe strike the doom part. Kitties inside got more cat food, less to share. Life is good.
    Now if only I could stay awake, so sleepy. Just want to…

  • Musings of a Mad Macedonian

    Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat 5

    Welcome to Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat! Let’s begin with a News Report! 1. The BIG NEWS for me is an honor I received on February 1st! A month ago I joined a 4 year old Online Community for Dogs

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