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15 thoughts on “Friday Ark #188

  • Mind of Mog

    Finally Friday

    Maybe there will be peace in the land today unlike yesterday when Cece decided to interrupt Meowza’s roll in the dirt.
    Now I know it wasn’t a food fight as Cece came in twice to chow down. I think Meowza’s tummy is just so irresistib…

  • sisu

    “A deep threat to all that is human”

    Babe makes a strong case for the utility of long catnaps as a survival skill on the studio couch this afternoon. [Theodore] Dalrymple makes a strong case for the utility of morality as a survival skill, wrote Wretchard of Belmont

  • What Do I Know?

    Friday Goat Blogging

    I think it’s a goat, but I was far away, using a zoom. This was at Kinderdijk, a great spot for viewing Holland’s windmills. The other windmills all had goats out back, keeping the grass clipped low. Ingenious low-carbon lawnmowers,

  • Shrimp and Grits

    Turtles all the way down!

    Well, what do you know, it really is “turtles all the way down“!
    This is a group of sliders (I think! Someone correct me if I’m wrong) I saw while on the way to work. This group was actually difficult to photograph, for the simple …

  • 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera

    Friday Creature

    Well, the dog had some elective, minor surgery this week and is now all done with medical dramas for the year. To celebrate, here’s a picture of the great beast, from just a week or so ago. Note the intense…

  • iInfidel

    Feline Friday Fun

    I’m bored, yes, bored. Nothing to do.
    Really, really bored. Friday and nothing to do except lay around outside. Outside.
    Take a hint, Mog let Meowza come out so we can play. I’m bored. *yawn*
    More kittycat fun there: BKCFoC CotC ARK WCB

  • iMeowza

    Caturday Play

    Here’s Cece and me playing. He even interrupted my roll in the dirt to play. What a nice kitty. Not! Normally, I don’t mind playing, it’s one of the things we kitties enjoy. Just let me finish rolling in it first, Cece, and that mean…

  • wmmbb

    No excuses, but from time to time, but perhaps especially after the torment of putting together FNDB, I am prone to attacks of illiteracy. I meant to say Sasha and Dexter have been declared . . .
    By the way, did you catch, Chelsea this week, she is a smooth operator too.

  • Mind of Mog

    Sunday Cat

    None the worse for wear but a wee bit dirty, Meowza, after his little wrassling match with Cece.
    Weekend brings some mighty fine catblogging on some very pretty blogs:
    Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos at Pet’s Garden Blog
    Carnival of the Cats a…

  • Why Now?

    Friday Cat Blogging

    Surprised Cat
    Oh my!
    [Editor: There is something about the shape, size, and placement of this juvenile’s eyes that makes it look like everything is a shock to her.]
    Friday Ark

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