Lets End the Medical Marijuana Raids 1 comment

Reason.tv asks:

Should medical marijuana be kept from minors at all costs?

We should also ask:

Should Sheriff Pat Hedges, the local deputies and the federal thugs who accompanied them on the raid of Charley Lynch’s medical marijuana dispensary be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity?

If the entrenched legislative bodies and criminal justice system will not properly deal with these perps then it is time to create a replacement system.

Via Winston Smith.

One thought on “Lets End the Medical Marijuana Raids

  • Kim

    I just read about this on Boing Boing right before I got to your post.
    The sheriff is quoted as saying that medical marijuana is “not in the best interest of a community that prides itself on providing a healthy, family environment.” But depriving a kid of the only thing that makes him feel better while fighting for his life does provide a healthy, family environment?
    It’s outrageous.

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