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Maybe you still need to carry a credit card for some situations but you can minimize it’s use, pay it off regularly, use cash instead of debit/credit for most transactions, you know, like that expresso from Starbucks.
Really, do you enjoy giving the banks a cut of everything you purchase? Their execs love it when comes to bonus time. Your congress critters love it when it comes to lobbying payoffs. timothy, ben and the rest of the boys and girls in the executive branch love it when you use your credit and debit cards as they contemplate leaving their so-called public service positions for their payoff positions in the financial industry.

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One thought on “*&ck You, That’s Why!

  • Kiril The Mad Macedonian

    Great skit!
    On point.
    I went bankrupt 12 years ago, and only a couple of years ago took got Dell, Sears, and Target Cards, for specific purchases.
    My 1st cards since the 90’s.
    Now I don’t used the cards, and am paying them off with more than minimun payments.
    Should pay-off the Sears & Target by the end of the year.

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