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I have been as annoyed as anyone else by the abrupt decibel increase when a television program rolls over to a commercial break.
However, that this is has become a federal issue; something that the bright people in congress have spent time on is, well, ridiculous:

Finally, Congress passes a piece of legislation that citizens on both the right and left side of the political spectrum can get behind. Late yesterday, Congress approved the CALM (Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation) Act, which “requires TV advertisers to ensure their ads don’t play at a volume louder than regular TV programming.” The new bill requires ad makers to use “industry technology” to prevent the volume annoyance from occurring.

No, I can not get behind this legislation.
senator whitehouse it is not the job of congress to eliminate minor annoyances of everyday life.
The bill as passed calls out commercial advertisements with no mention of those most annoying of all commercials: the political ones.
So, again, no from where I sit on the political spectrum…no support forthcoming.

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  • Ron

    Right. I suppose Congress just figures that Americans are probably too addicted and/or lazy to simply (gasp!) turn their damned TVs off for once. Sadly, they’re probably right.

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