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Bhutan: One of the world’s biggest books

Wow, this looks as beautiful as it is large!

Michael Hawley didn’t start out to make one of the world’s biggest books and while that might be what claimed headlines about Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom, it isn’t the most significant. The project evolved into its 7 foot by 5 foot form as a result of Hawley’s research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology working to capture photographically a visual record of field expeditions. Hawley led four separate expeditions to Bhutan where he and a team of MIT and Bhutanese students took photographs with state of the art digital and film equipment. Afterwards Hawley decided that making a giant book from the enormous archive of photographs would allow the reader to “step into” the world of Bhutan.

If you find yourself in Seattle this looks well worth a visit!

Source: Bhutan: One of the world’s biggest books — UW Libraries