bush administration

The federal governement Sets Another New Record

Spend, spend, spend:

The federal deficit through the first half of this budget year is at an all-time high, underscoring the pressure the budget is coming under as the overall economy slumps.
The Treasury Department reported Thursday that the deficit through the first six months of the budget year totaled $311.4 billion, up 20.5 percent from the same period a year ago. That was the largest deficit for the first half of a budget year on record, surpassing the old six-month mark of $302 billion set in 2006.

And, affirming their dimness, the bush administration couldn’t even get it close to right a little over a month ago:

The Bush administration, when it sent its budget proposal to Congress in February, estimated that the deficit for the whole year will total $410 billion, putting it very close to the all-time high in dollar terms of $413 billion.

But, accuracy has never been a strong point of the administration’s public face.

Having Drank the democrat’s Kool-Aid

Bob Cesca paints a glowing expectation of democratic party behavior:

Public perception can beat the shit out of political nuance. The Bush Republicans know this and they have abused it for their own nefarious ends. The Democrats, on the other hand, have somehow overlooked this very basic rule of 21st Century American politics, which is a shame since they would more often than not use it for the betterment of the nation.

If only the betterment of the nation were their goal….
Cesca spends the rest of this otherwise excellent article berating the dems for their abject failure to work toward the betterment of the nation since taking control of congress.
There is no reason to expect anything different anytime soon. As Arthur notes;

This is where we’ve come: two criminal gangs run the United States from Washington. Neither of them understands the supreme and sacred value of an individual human life. Neither understands any matter of principle relating to liberty or peace. Both of them are intent upon power, no matter how many innocent people must die, and regardless of how many countries must be destroyed, including our own.
This is your government today. Two murdering, thieving, plundering, power-mad gangs, both of which deserve the worst fate that can be imagined. These are the people who will rule you for years to come.

If you are going to be a democrat or a republican you should own up to the thuggery you are supporting. Nora and John, there really is an alternative.
Being an independent feels pretty good right now.

Guidance From Arthur

Pay attention:

The law is not the only method by which the state controls us, and strips our national discussion of all meaning. There is another, less formal but no less constricting means, which is commonly identified by the phrase, “the rules.” We must all follow “the rules.” You cannot ever break “the rules.” Be very, very clear on this point: the only way you can speak the truth on any subject of importance in this country today is BY BREAKING THE RULES.
Friends, if this country — and if you individually — are to have any kind of human future at all, and by “human,” I mean a life with any genuine meaning and joy, a life not fatally compromised by ongoing murder, torture, and brutality — you had better fucking disturb the peace every second of every day.

You know the routine.

Oh yea, start today, start now: start breaking the rules!