Election 2008

Quotes of the Day #7

Yep, 2 for the price of 1:

Third, I get disgusted hearing a crowd that dares call itself “conservative” howl in laughter when the Bill of Rights is mocked.
Thoreau, Orange Alert, September 3, 2008

Shouldn’t any system that rewards and results in such proudly precognitive slavering be sanely restricted in its scope and sweep? Shouldn’t we, indeed, try to figure out how to do without it?
Jim Henley, Derange We Can Believe In, September 3, 2008

obama’s speech

Russell Korobkin details some praise for obama’s speech tonight which I generally agree with and then notes two weaknesses of which this is the 2nd:

Failing to attack the Bush administration for trampling the Constitution, trashing privacy rights, and mistreating prisoners of war.

Perhaps obama, as candidate for commander-in-chief, did not make this attack because he does not have a problem with at least the first two items on this list.

Or perhaps he fears the loss of too many votes from the Brooks and Dunn crowd, you know, the republicans.