Your Blog: Between Covers

Does your blog have a consistent theme? Do you write well? Do you think your blog has the makings of a book?
If you answered yes to one or more of the above then a publisher may be looking for you:

Publishing types have continued toiling away in the industry’s underground laboratory, feverishly trying to alchemize blogging, hoping to prove that the common base metal of user-generated-content that the kids seem to enjoy so much (you know, those “web logs”) can be turned into the gold of bestsellerdom (you know, real books, sold in large numbers).

Michael Schaub, writing at BookSlut, puts a bit of perspective on this:

Basically, if you have a moderately uncrappy LiveJournal page, and are capable of writing a book proposal even slightly more elegant than “I am a blogger, and I want to write a book based on my blog, and blogs are great blog blog blog blog BLOGBLOGBLOG,” you need to find a way to get on board this gravy train before it crashes with tragicomic results.

What might be a big seller? Well so far adventures in the kitchen (54,000 copies) sell much better than adventures in Washington, DC bedrooms (14,000 copies).

No illusions here at Modulator…based on posts to date such publication wouold fall under the vanity, all is vanity category.

The Dancer and the Dance

Arthur Silber is back again. Both at Once Upon a Time…

I offer these stories not to condemn the genuinely great and revolutionary achievements of the West, or to challenge the profound, inestimable worth of what we generally refer to as “Enlightenment values.” I offer them to make a more modest suggestion: that the fundamental approach inculcated in all of us by our cultural traditions of thousands of years does not represent the only way of viewing the universe and our place in it.

And at a new site called The Sacred Moment where he has aleady reposted his important series On Torture.

Make Arthur a regular read!