Boost Your Libido

The Orgasmic Diet would make great coffee shop reading. However, I suspect that Starbucks and the rest will not be stocking it.
Here’s one of the key recommendations for raising your libido:

Seratonin is another important brain chemical. It enhances alertness, improves mood and makes people feel cheerful. High levels of seratonin help us to handle stress, regulate appetite and give us energy.
Avoiding caffeine and other stimulants, such as cigarettes and sugary, starchy foods, will help keep your seratonin at the right level to boost libido, she said.

Emphasizing an improved sex life in anti-smoking and weight management campaigns might be an effective message.

In Your Sleep

Amongst other things folks snore, walk, eat and possibly have sex in their sleep (sexomnia):

More than 92% said they had experienced multiple episodes of sexomnia, and a variety of sexual behaviors were reported, including 105 respondents—24 women and 81 men—who said they had had sexual intercourse while sleeping.

These are results from an anonymous internet survey so they may not be worth any more than spam.

I think these folks are just reporting fantasies, conflating sleep with the results of drinking and/or drug use, or remembering their wet dreams.