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Migration Step 1


As some of you may have seen I am migrating the site from Movable Type to WordPress..

It is up in its most basic form now but not with out a few hiccups.  Hopefully things will go more smoothly from this point on.

I am going to import all the old content into the new site shortly but the posts will have new URLS. However, links to old posts should still work and bring up the original static post. Please let me know if something is broken.

Then on to working on some internal stuff and tweaking the appearance.

Construction Zone

23:35 CDT The admin crew will be working on an upgrade to Movable Type 3.31 and there may be some breaks in service and messy templates for a while.

01:07 CDT Well, the upgrade is done and I see that there is already a Version 3.32 but that will have to wait. Let me know if you notice any strange behavior.

A Stumbleanche

For reasons I haven’t had time to figure out Modulator is experience a Stumbleanche. Not quite the scale of an Instalanche or an Atriolanche but it looks the same:
stumbleanche 2006-07-25.gif
Most of the interest is focused on this Truth In Labeling post from two years ago.

Update: Well, it got even better as the day wore on. Here is the graph 9 hours later. Here’s to the day that the 3700 visitors represented in the graph will be a daily occurrence!

Upgrading In A Bit

11:00 PM EDT
In an hour or two I will upgrade Modulator to Moveable Type 3.2. Of course, all will go perfectly…
Just in case it does not those of you who read this will know the likely cause of the missing or messed up site.
I’ll post an update when done.
Update 01:22 AM EDT
All done. Let me know if you run across any oddities.

Blogrolling Down?

Blogrolling’s service seems to be down at the moment (11:16 AM PT).
This appears to be causing Modulator’s sidebars to not load properly. But then you came here for the content not the sidebars, right?
Click your browsers stop button to stop the attempt to load the sidebars…