Unexpected Travel

Until return this post will be kept on top.
January 10: The Modulator staff will be away from its normal environs for at least two days. I do not know what connectivity will be available or whether there will be any time to post.

January 11
: Still away. Better connectivity today but not much sleep and a lot of activity so posting, well, maybe….

Where Are The Google Referrals?

Referrals from to Modulator have dropped dramatically over the last week:

  • Today…….. 5.8%
  • Yesterday….15.3%
  • Last Week….23.1%
  • Last Month…28.6%
  • Last Year ….28.1%

Modulator’s Google Page Rank has not changed over the last year and referrals from continue about the same.
Is anyone else experiencing a similar phenomena?

Access Problems Today

FYI, Modulator’s hosting service was hit by a major denial of service attack this afternoon and problems in the AT&T and TWTelecom networks caused problems earlier this morning.
Of course, I know you were more worried about getting here than to all the to be unnamed heavy hitters who were also impacted.
You can read all about it here.

Notes From On The Road

We are back.
Well, some portion is back. After 10 days and nearly 4900 miles of driving I know it was not a vacation. Even with a full night’s sleep at home behind me I’m still fogged.
We saw a lot of bikers on the the road. Most, but not all, were heading to/from their annual gathering in Sturgis, South Dakota.
Here’s a couple questions:

  1. Does it count to haul your chopper to the rally in the back of your truck?
  2. How do bikers avoid bug splat? Most of the ones we saw had no windshield, no helmet, maybe sunglasses and a grimace, that, well, made you think they might have just landed a mouthful of insect protein. Seriously, though, even in our daytime driving we had to deal with mass amounts of sticky stuff on the windshield and front of the hood.

We were glad we missed the tornadoes that touched down in Dane County, Wisconsin by 24 hours. On the other hand, Mrs Modulator has still never seen a tornado.