Peering At Modulator’s Navel

The past 10 days have been near a complete vacation from blogging, well, the Ark boarded a couple times but that was about it. Looking back, August has been our slowest month since September 05.

A lot of my blogging time over the past 6 months has been given over to learning to play Go and what that still nascent endeavor hasn’t consumed has been taken by work and family. Kind of like the rest of you, right?

There has been and, with the fall elections stumbling upon us, will continue to be plenty of grist for the mill.

The future will be told by the writing on the page.

Return Message

We are back from an all to brief vacation and 4+ days completely offline…???
Yea, there was a bit of withdrawal but it was pretty easy to treat with heavy doses of conversation with relatives, long time friends and architects/builders.

I’m on the road again tomorrow and expect at most 1-2 posts before this week’s Ark starts boarding. All the boarders who did not make it on to last week’s sailing will lead off their respective categories this week in, as usual, order received. They will also get a second full line for this week’s boardings…our usual practice is one line per category per human sponsor.

Away Message

The Modulator staff will spend the next 4 days on a field trip to a remote area near some beautiful rain forests and wilderness areas.
There won’t be much net access, perhaps some dial up and 1 wireless hotspot in the area (if operational).
The Friday Ark is set to go up automatically at about 3:15 AM EDT if lack of access impedes manual posting.

I do expect net access issues to impede updates to the Ark throughout the weekend so regular boarders please be patient.

Moderation On

Due to the recent ultra heavy runs of comment spam I’ve turned on moderation of all comments. It has been too much hassle deleting comments that the sorely lacking spam tools built into MT 3.2 fail to junk. Compounding the problem are the many Internal Server Errors that started occurring a few weeks ago (I had not made any changes to my MT installation).

If I can get something like Scode working I’ll consider turning moderation off. I’ll also take another look at migrating to WordPress….when time permits.