Daily Archives: April 24, 2003


I’ll be away for the next 3 days and don’t expect to be able to spend much time in the blogosphere. If I post at all at will be short. See ya’ll on Monday.

The End of the Oil Wars?

I think Nurse Ratched’s arithmetic is just fine:

This all adds up to more points in the “good for the ecology, good for the economy” column than in the “perpetuating the petrochemical oligarchy and making the world less safe for liberals” column to me, but maybe my arithmetic is off.

Head over there and read the Nurse’s take on thermal depolymerizaton. If this technology works as advertised it will massively change the economics of waste management while dramatically reducing the import (ance) of middle eastern oil.
Oh, and a few years down the road I can see one of these things in every garage. I suspect that it was something like this tool that the folks on Dune used to reclaim the water from the dead.