Daily Archives: May 22, 2003

Real Tort Reform

Dwight Meredith presents ways to reduce, if not eliminate, frivolous medical malpractice suits. And he suggests that the lack of focus on actually eliminating frivolous actions means the administration really wants something else:

The Bush administration uses the rhetoric of frivolous lawsuits to promote a policy that would not curb such suits. The disparity between its rhetoric and its policy proposals suggests that curbing frivolous suits is less important to the administration than protecting insurance companies from having to pay full compensation to seriously injured victims of negligence.

Breaking a Reign of Terror

Here is one that each and every state ought to support:

House Republicans are pressing for legislation that would strip federal anti-drug money from local police in states that have passed medical marijuana laws.

There is probably a lot of onerous stuff in the legislation (the norm at the federal level) and I have not read it, but, from the article, there are at least 2 downsides:

1. The legislation would allow the White House Office of Drug Control Policy to advertise in opposition to medical marijuana laws.

2. And allow it to exist for 5 more years.

Well, maybe the advertising aspect isn’t so bad: we might get to see an updated Reefer Madness.

It does seem a good thing, though, that this may actually be a way to stop some federal funding of terrorist activities related to the drug prohibition.

UPDATE (5/23): Talkleft has more on this.