Daily Archives: July 24, 2003

Late Night Reading

The Mad Prophet quotes an entire Kucinich letter to Nader voters and the Greens.
Kevin Moore at blargblog is looking for a candidate. But there aren’t any anarcho-syndicalists around.
xlrq has posted google bait.
Daniel Drezner points out that Josh Marshall and Steven den Beste agree on the underlying causes of the Iraq war. Now it is not often you see those two snuggling in the same basket so go read Drezner and see where they differ.
Good Night!

More Impeachment, or Maybe Not

There is growing grass roots support* for impeachment and some of the Democratic contenders are hinting at it:

On the stump in New Hampshire last week, Democratic presidential contender and former Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Bob Graham said that if George W. Bush made false statements that led the nation into war, there were grounds to impeach him.

James Ridgeway, in this Village Voice piece argues that it is unlikely that Bush will be impeached.


Product Marketing

Hmmmm, for the conspiracy theory set Pirates ‘rule the high seas:

Violent acts of piracy at sea have hit an all-time high,…..
The number of reported ship attacks soared 37% to 234 in the first six months of 2003, compared with 171 in the corresponding 2002 period.

Good marketing suggests that this activity should be increasing as a buildup to this.