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Modulator had its 5000th Sitemeter visitor today. I probably feel a lot more excited about this then this guy does as he tallies something on the order of his 6 millionth visitor in the same time period.*
I would feel even more excited if the visitor was really interested in reading my stuff. But no, Modulator was the 40th listing found for this Yahoo search.
Anyway, thanks to everyone and please come visit again.
*I’m also curious as to why such a low percentage of his visits show a known referral. Looking just a minute ago there were 11 known referrals for 100 visits. Sitemeter listed the rest as unknown. Any thoughts on this?

2 thoughts on “5000 Visitors

  • Jaquandor

    A lot of people probably have Insty set as their homepage, so he loads as soon as they launch their browsers. In those cases, there would be no referral. I think.

  • Madeleine Kane

    Bookmarks and favorites don’t usually get identified by Sitemeter, as opposed to visits through hot links. Also, if you know the URL by memory and just type it, Sitemeter can’t identify where the person came from. Perhaps his visitors tend to be from those sources. Then again, maybe Sitemeter was just having a bad day.

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