Daily Archives: September 8, 2003

5000 Visitors

Modulator had its 5000th Sitemeter visitor today. I probably feel a lot more excited about this then this guy does as he tallies something on the order of his 6 millionth visitor in the same time period.*
I would feel even more excited if the visitor was really interested in reading my stuff. But no, Modulator was the 40th listing found for this Yahoo search.
Anyway, thanks to everyone and please come visit again.
*I’m also curious as to why such a low percentage of his visits show a known referral. Looking just a minute ago there were 11 known referrals for 100 visits. Sitemeter listed the rest as unknown. Any thoughts on this?

Libertarian on Bush

Lew Rockwell is a libertarian but I wouldn’t call him a conservative as does Ken Macleod. Ken is right, though, in saying that this is a pretty radical essay:

There is something grossly immoral about a regime that saunters into town, bankrupts its host country and destroys a few others in the process, making mess after mess and still not being held accountable for it. Making matters worse is the reality that it and its friends in industry will take off with all the loot. After all, all this money is going somewhere, and it isn’t to average Iraqis!

Rockwell chews the bushite actions and policies and spits them out in little pieces.
Some of you may not like everything he says but you should, nevertheless, read the entire piece!

Pets Reflect their Keepers

The keepers:

The 2000 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that nearly two-thirds of Americans over the age of 20 are overweight, and more than 30 percent are obese.

The pets:

The report, from the National Research Council, finds that one-quarter of the dogs and cats in the western world are obese.

Come on folks, lets take those pets with you on those long walks.
And you cat owners should pay particular attention to this:

The report notes that in the wild, cats will catch and eat eight to 12 small animals or birds every day.
Feeding of cats should reflect this — with 12 to 20 very small meals being offered through the day, the report says.

So much for filling the bowl and leaving kitty home alone all day.

Aiding and Abetting?

rumsfeld tells the world:

… opposition to the U.S. President was encouraging Washington’s enemies and hindering his ‘war against terrorism’.

Is he accusing the opposition of aiding and abetting the enemy? And will this prompt another round of talk show blathering about critics of bush policy being treasonous?
According to that great upholder of civil liberties ashcroft:

Peaceful political discourse and dissent is one of America�s most cherished freedoms, and is not subject to investigation as domestic terrorism. Under the Patriot Act, the definition of �domestic terrorism� is limited to conduct that (1) violates federal or state criminal law and (2) is dangerous to human life. Therefore, peaceful political organizations engaging in political advocacy will obviously not come under this definition. (Patriot Act, Section 802)

Just how big a step is it from rummies words to the FBI knocking on your door.
It must be time to step up the dissent even more.
Via a Scott at The Gamer’s Nook.