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    Bonfire of the Vanities – Week 14

    The Bonfire of the Vanities dishonors the worst of the web. This week the is a special Recall Election edition of the Bonfire. In addition to providing the morbidly curious posts for you to slow down and gawk over, this…

  • snake

    Get lost ya bunch of assholes! Just ‘cos you don’t have enough other work around, you make fun of this masterpiece in the animation movies.
    Why don’t you try to jump from the window, and hopefully land on a hard ground, you also may taste the hard concrete down there, without wasabi and ginger – I’m sure you’ll find it more delicious :))))).
    Then you won’t probably look better than this simple unprofessional picture above :))))).
    FUCK YOU anonym!

  • iluvnemo

    how dare you make a mockery of nemo like this? do you think that you are incredibly cool or somethin? huh huh you little twerp u obviously have no life because you have to criticize the best movie of all times!! I think you might have to be the lowest scum of the earth! Youre favorite movie is probaly “The Wiggles collection” I think you are a despicable person! And i fart oin ur general direction!!

  • nemo hatas goin down

    conor…whoever u are..nobody was writing back to u because
    a. you just wish u were as cool as nemo
    b. your a dork who spends their time on sites like these and not everybody else is as big a dork as u(im only on it because my friend told me about what a loser u were)
    c. ure views on nemo…SUCK!
    so get ova yaself busta. cause noone likes a hata. so i guess no2 likes me. because guess what. i HATE you. mwah xoxo pce out yungin

  • iluvnemo_friend

    rock on iluvnemo. you are so right. DAMN ANYONE WHO GOES AGAINST ILUVNEMO!! damn you all…

  • Snake

    Fuck off everyone who hate Nemo. Die you bastards! You assholes! You, you….grrrrrrrrrr!
    If you, or your children loved “Finding Nemo”, please, help with vote, for the creation of “Finding Nemo 2”, by signing in this petition: http://www.gopetition.com/online/2516.html


    dude…NEMO IS THE GREATEST PEOPLE! our children of America cannot live without this beautiful fish in their lives. thats my view about all of this.

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