Daily Archives: October 7, 2003

From Each According to His ‘Ability’…

From ChronWatch:

The UC Board of Regents is considering a proposal that would make Marx proud � an arbitrary fee increase for many middle and upper income students, regardless of equity or ability to pay, in a misguided attempt to help the UC system sidestep the current budget crisis.
The proposal, which would be the first surcharge of its kind in the country, would increase fees for approximately a third of the students in the University of California system by as much as $3,000, based on an arbitrary determination that a $90,000 family income makes one wealthy, and thus able to pay more for the same education.

Well, I hope this does not get past the ‘considering a proposal’ stage.
Via The Noble Pundit.

Soaring Eagles

Need a little break this afternoon? Give this a listen:

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft ended a speech at a Charlotte, North Carolina seminary with a rousing rendition of a song he wrote called ‘Let The Eagles Soar’ (February 25)

Well, he probably sings better then I but……..
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