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White House Hoist on the Patriot Act?

Samual Dash argues that the perps who leaked Plame’s identity appear to have violated at least 2 sections of the Patriot Act and should, under the act, be considered domestic terrorists.
Furthermore, Dash then suggests the additional set of tools that the Justice Department could be bringing to bear:

Can they treat this investigation differently from any other terrorist investigation? Under the Patriot Act, they have acquired expanded powers to wiretap and search. Will they place sweeping and roving wiretaps on White House aides? Will they engage in sneak, secret searches of their offices, computers and homes? Will they arrest and detain incommunicado, without access to counsel, some White House aides as material witnesses?
Certainly, nobody expects they will and I hope they would not employ such police-state tactics.

While no law enforcement officials should have police-state tools at their disposal the current administration is certainly a deserving target if said tools are going to be used against anyone.
The entire article is worth a read.
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Why IraQ?

w asked, in a speach to the Australian parliament:

Who can possibly think that the world would be better off with Saddam Hussein still in power?

Charles Kuffner has the best answer to this that I have seen so far:

That’s not the point
The problem here is that this is the wrong question to be asked. It’s a meaningless question meant to distract us from looking at the implications of how we went about removing Saddam from power and what it has cost us in money, lives, missed opportunities, and international reputation.

Read it all. There is some good stuff in the comments as well.
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