Monthly Archives: November 2003

City Photos

Photos from what I think are the two most interesting cities in the United States: New York and San Francisco.
From New York: Signs from 14th Street to 42nd Street. Even if you have never walked the streets of New York these 1000s of signs from what is really a very small area will give you a glimpse of the hopes, dreams and lives of millions. Many of the pictures are accompanied by a bit of historical annotation that, if you allow, will bring the stories to life.
From San Francisco: the Public Library’s Historical Photograph Collection. Many of the photo subject here have not yet been digitized but the subject index promises hours of enjoyment. Even Strangers to the city will be intrigued and the familiar will be drawn back.
Via The Scout Report.

Out of Whack Compensation

This guy was fired for cause and will apparently still make out like a bandit:

Boeing says neither ousted executive will receive severance pay beyond options and share grants that have already vested. Sears, who began working for Boeing’s McDonnell Douglas unit in 1969, will receive a pension at age 65 valued at between $672,000 and $840,000 a year, according to a company filing.

Too bad he will have to wait 9 years to start skimming this cream.
NB: I’d love to retire with that kind of income but my 401k won’t even have an asset value equal to one years worth of this dude’s take home.