Monthly Archives: November 2003

Vivendi, Why?

Vivendi owns the archives so they can destroy them if they want.
But it does seem to be an incredibly wanton bit of destruction. There must be some huge hidden cost that Vivendi is escaping from. If there is not then there is no imaginable reason why they would not allow to capture this treasure trove of music, ranging from good to more then terrible.
I think musicians, writers, producers, etc., should be hving second thoughts about including Vivendi in their plans. It is clear Vivendi can not be trusted as a caretaker.
Via The Gamer’s Nook.

Getting Better?

I was about to say that I would not wish this bug that has had me down for the past week on anyone.
But, on second thought, realizing how little I’ve been able or even wanted to do over the past week I might suggest it for a few select groups beginning with the members of the US House and Senate.

Tuesday’s Book

It has taken three days, now, to get a usable surge of energy, i.e., to feel a bit better. And, I haven’t read any more books since Tuesday.
Normally I read only one novel at a time. I might have 8, 10 or 12 non-fiction books going at once but only one novel and I’m about 180 pages into the current one: Quicksilver.
Tuesday, though, I could hardly keep my head off the pillow and Quicksilver is just too heavy to hold up where a pillow attached set of eyes could read it. So, I grabbed a small paper back instead. One I figured I could read in a day, even a sick day: Card’s Seventh Son.


Lite Blogging

Well, I’ve come down with a nasty cold, URI or some such thing. Started this past weekend and really began hammering last night.
I stayed home from work, slept most of the day and have no voice…
In between sleeps, since I couldn’t really move much, I managed to read a book which, if I get another bout of energy a little later, I’ll write a bit about.