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Learn all about the new $50 bill via this nifty interactive tutorial. There is also one for the $20 bill.
For more, head over to Marginal Revolution where Tyler Cowan provides some historical background on currency and answers this question: What if modern technology made counterfeiting unstoppable?
Meanwhile, use cash: disintermediate the credit card providors and, if you will, take as many of your transactions as you can off the surveillance grid (be it marketing folks, or….).
Oh yea, it is faster and more fun to pay with cash!
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3 thoughts on “Money Matters

  • rick pietz

    You know, I do like to work w/ cash, and I agree with the sentiment you are expressing. But I must say I have switched to the point of making most purchases on my credit card where possible. While I do hate the marketing information they get, it is pretty much limited to a pub tab on Tuesdays, minor grocery purchases (the local farmers market where we buy most of our food doesn’t take credit cards so…), the occassional vet bills for the dogs, gas and a weekly package store purchase. I doubt they get much of use out of the info, and they send me a check for 1% of my total purchases at the end of the year. Since I never carry a balance, this is free money. I know it means I’m selling out, but I can’t help myself. 1% back is 1% back.

  • Steve

    My sister expresses the same sentiment about her money back card especially when she makes large purchases.
    I suppose that if I were to get a credit card I’d get one with the rebate feature.

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