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Point 14 of the things Mark Kleiman recently learned at an Executive Session on Gang Violence opens with:

14. On the other hand, gang violence accounts for more deaths each year than were killed on 9-11. Thinking about getting ready to think about it isn’t really a satisfactory response.
Why hasn’t this changed everything?
It is pretty clear that the policies of local, state, and federal governments over the past 100 years have not fulfilled the government’s obligations to the people. Perhaps it is time to make some fundamental changes in these entities to get them refocused on serving the people’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness rather than the faction de jour.

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  • paul goyette

    The point about the government needing to fulfill its obligations to the people should be taken in an even deeper sense — who, after all, is dying in as a result of gang violence? Somehow there seems to be a big difference between the deaths of inner city youth and the deaths of 3000 businesspersons… big surprise there.

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